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21 March 2017 @ 06:52 pm
I can't understand why I feel so depressed. I think it's linked to panic. Everything is stressing me out at the moment and I feel like I can't cope with anything. I want to go to sleep and never wake up.
I don't know what to do. Maybe I need to cut all the stress out of my life, if that means giving up studying and finding a simple 9-5 job.

I don't know where my life is going, it certainly doesn't feel like it's going anywhere and there's no point to it.

I'm so fucking lonely. I don't feel I can tell anyone how miserable I'm feeling because it felt like I'd just come through a really bad phase and suddenly I'm back there again.

I can't keep doing this.
10 April 2009 @ 09:23 pm
Did well on the posting, didn't I? Doh! (Thanks for the comments btw *hugs*)

Going to try again, as I'm missing my online life.
I guess it's great that 'real' life is keeping me busy, but the online world is very important to me and probably one of the most constant things I have, so I shouldn't neglect it so woefully.

Still have my job, despite several redundancies in the company. :(
Renting a new apartment - living on my own for the first time ever and loving it in terms of not being irritated by other people and having space that is definitely my own.
Havn't drawn anything in ages and need to relocate my sketchbook.
Need to sleep less and exercise more.
Have been reading friend's page regularly and would be lost without you all (and am missing people who also haven't posted in ages).

11 February 2009 @ 06:22 pm
I am still here... reading all your updates religiously and not commenting because I'm useless at communicating.

I want to get back to posting (and not only to whinge) so I'm going to try.

I need to get up to date with everything that's been happening, but for now, suffice it to say I'm still in Leicester, doing a cool job that I am constantly thankful for, going through hell over my accommodation as my landlord has not been paying the mortgage on my apartment and is completely insane.

I am very dubious about the new Doctor Who, adoring the new series of QI and back into WoW.

Now I shall return to reading my friends page, in order to preserve my sanity and my faith in the human race.
14 September 2008 @ 08:08 pm
I still don't properly have the internet. I've just moved into my apartment with no door to my room, wahey. And I'm paying an exortianate amount to BT for 90 minutes online. Once again I'm feeling shit because I can't cope with change. I don't even feel that I can curl up in bed because it's a weird bed and despite the landlord's claims, I'm not convinced the bedding is that clean. Ughhhh, so bloody homesick. And I want my broadband back!!
01 July 2008 @ 09:52 pm
I left Lincoln yesterday and I'm back at my parents', surrounded by boxes and bags of stuff that I should probably get rid of.

Managed to pull together my degree show and was even happy with part of it (not the other part and I keep going over how much better it could have been if I'd worked harder).

Feeling very disillusioned with myself and my potential and questioning the futility of my ambitions. Maybe it's time to stop daydreaming and develop something resembling a life. :/

My body cannot cope with pollen, which is fun and sneezy.

Have an interview tomorrow which I maybe should be excited about, except I don't think there's actually a position available and they're just seeing me to get me to stop phoning and emailing all the time. But I'll know more about that in about 14 hours.

Despite appearances to the contrary, things are pretty ok at the moment, got things to look forward too as well. Obviously just in a whingey mood.
13 June 2008 @ 11:18 pm
Wow, I'm out of practice... one glass of wine and everything;s going numb. But at least it's making me feel warm in this big cold house.

Keep meaning to update properly but I'm being crap at the moment. Sleeping more than being awake and having twisted dreams. Whee alcohol! :p
05 June 2008 @ 08:54 pm
Before it goes to a charity shop (which I think would be rather pointless in the UK)...

I have a brand new copy of Spiderman 2 on DVD for Region 1. It's a 2 disc special edition and while I would absolutely love to watch it, I have no way of playing region 1 DVDs. So I would like it to go to someone who can watch it.

If you'd like it, leave a comment and I'll email for your address. Don't worry about p&p.

If no one responds in about a week, I guess it'll have to go to a charity shop, but I would rather it didn't because I'm sure some unsuspecting person would not realise it's the wrong region! :(
31 May 2008 @ 07:50 pm
Dr Who + Steven Moffat = pure genious. OMG, best episode & it continues next week. I cannot wait.
27 May 2008 @ 09:58 pm
I was proud of this till I scanned it in! Oh well. I have a nice blister to show for my colouring skills anyway. :p

21 May 2008 @ 08:08 pm
Arghhhh, got a week left and so much work to do for my final show!!!!!!!! I shouldn't be online!! But if I didn't have lj my insanity would be greater.