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10 May 2008 @ 09:21 am
Better than an alarm clock...  
So I have just discovered the best way to get me out of bed is to threaten me with the presence of a spider in my room. Stupid irrational fear it may be, but it woke me up.

I may have to do this bullet point form in order to attempt to achieve coherency.

- I have recently discovered that the couple in the room next door to me own a lizard of some description that they feed live insects to. I made this discovery by encountering an escapee black cricket on the stairs in the middle of the night. That little incident provoked some phobia-related hysteria, joy.

- New Doctor Who: I adore Donna Noble. It's annoying that bits of Catherine Tate's characters seem to slip in from time to time, but besides that, she's quite wonderful. I am getting a bit sick of the poorly devised plots - perhaps they should rename the show, "Sonic Screwdrivers will get you out of any problem you can imagine!!!11!!" Still enjoying it though.

- Uni work is going very slowly. I have 2 weeks left to get everything done and it's not looking too hopeful at the moment. It doesn't help that I keep having nightmares about failing. We're in the process of constructing our show at the moment. I will be heading into the studio shortly to paint my boards, which I am looking forward to. If all else fails, I will have empty boards that look good!

- I am running low on chocolate supplies. :(

- My Haribo supplies have recently been repleted. :)

- In TMI news, after 10 years of having a disgusting toenail, it is finally getting treated. Hopefully in 6 months, I will have a normal toenail again. (10 years ago, at school, during a game of netball, someone jumped on my toe. The thing swelled up in a bruise, with a lot of pressure beneath the nail. A few weeks later, the nail came off and at that time contracted some kind of infection.) Yes, it's taken me this long to sort it out. Mind you, I have had more pressing health problems, such as madness.

- I am spending far too much money at the moment. It's all going on paint, business cards, vinyl lettering... I havn't even thought about how I'm going to get my work printed and mounted, but I know that will be hideously expensive.

- I really need to update my portfolio website.

- Dear Radio 1: It's just Maidstone. Capital of chavs and generally a grotty place. Get over it. Ugh.

Better get ready to go do some painting. I also need to go extract cash from a hole in the wall. Wish me luck with completing my work and avoiding a complete breakdown!!!